Sunday, February 5, 2012

My First Scholarly Essay

I had originally intended, as the previous description in my sidebar noted, to use this blog for organising my thoughts about Traditional Format Yu-Gi-Oh! with the intention being, one day in the future, to write a single treatise detailing all of my work. However, I had recently decided that, while I had no problem with accomplishing the first objective, the latter was too mammoth a task to achieve at one time, and, furthermore, quite simply, incongruous with the task of promoting this amazing format (which has always been, and will always continue to be, my chief objective). Upon reaching this conclusion, I secretly began work on the first of what would hopefully be a collection of scholarly essays amalgamating my disjointed, somewhat casual work here into a serious, academically-minded corpus of knowledge regarding the Traditional Format. This took place in the December just past (2011), and, after two months of studying, testing and composing, the final product, an essay entitled On Skill: a Discourse in Favour of the Traditional Format, has been published by Alter Reality Games. It can be found here:

I must apologise to my readers, for this treatise has interrupted the posting of other, blog-related works for this month, but, under the circumstances, I think (and should hope) that I am forgiven through the final result of such all-consuming work. Deck Essays (and, also, hopefully, Quick Articles) will, of course, continue as normal, and I shall attempt in future to accomplish these and scholarly essays at the same time. Again, though, my apologies.

I extend my sincerest thanks to Alter Reality Games for being so kind in publishing my work on their most respectful website, and I look forward to bringing even more to the table.

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  1. I read your article on alter reality and it was good :) I was Kevin T.