Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Change in Terminology

With my first Scholarly Essay now published, and with the distinct intent to compose and publish many more, I have decided that a small change in terminology is needed to avoid confusion between the short works I do for this blog (which are, one might say, more relaxed) and the longer pieces I write that get published elsewhere (which are, no doubt this time, my serious, more important discussions). With this in mind, any posts made here formerly which were known as "Deck Essays" will from now on be known under the new title of "Deck Analysis", and the work formerly known as a "Scholarly Essay" will simply be called an "Essay". I was finding it quite difficult attempting to differentiate two completely opposite ends of the spectrum while each contained the word "essay", so this will, I feel, make that task much, much easier.

Having said that, however, there have been many links made on other websites to specific posts on this blog, and I do not fancy killing them along with the traffic they produce (most of which is, I should guess, from highly interested parties). For this reason, all previous posts under the title "Deck Essay" will retain that old name, with new ones only having the altered title of "Deck Analysis".

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