Sunday, January 6, 2013

A New Blog (and a Better Pojo)

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Pojo member Paul Bang (username: paulbang111); he wanted to discuss some aspects of the Traditional Format with me. Like most of the people who send me e-mails or befriend me on Facebook (for the record, I quite like it when players do this), he knew what he was talking about and our conversation was lively and informative, giving me hope that the Traditional Format is most definitely alive and well, if only on a small scale. I was then, however, rather surprised to discover he had started his own blog, a very pleasant surprise indeed. He tells me he's going to be focusing on individual cards and their usefullness in Traditional; he already has a couple of articles up, and you can find his blog here: The Traditional Format Blog.

In addition to this, Paul and a few other members have been trying to increase the viability of the Traditional Format sub-forum of Pojo, starting various discussions and debates (which have been, again, very lively) on particular decks, tech cards and so, and even trying to start an online tournament and league system. While I don't post all that often on Pojo myself these days, and severely dislike playing online, I'm very pleased to see such attempts to improve this aspect of the game and to know that I'm no longer alone in my quest for a respected Traditional Format.

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  1. Hey Mr. Alexander it's me Shax again! I first off wanted to say that the new Banned/Restricted list for Yugioh is sweet. Alot of people miss that it also does things to the... Traditional Format!

    Sangan and Carrier are still playable of course.

    Wind-Up Magician is a nerf to Traditional Wind-Up. A big nerf.
    ne Day of Peace being limited hits most of the good Traditional Combo decks. (Remember Last Turn?) :( This makes me believe more Chaos Control/balanced decks come about.

    Solemn Warning isn't that big of a deal since it would be tech'd in the Control decks anyways usually.

    Tsukiyomi being at 2 is good for Traditional in the decks that it could see some use.

    Thunder King was actually potent in Traditional so the Semi-Limit is pretty unfortunate for people that liked him.

    I want to see a Black Salvo Advanced Ritual Art deck in Traditional now, thats the main thing I wanted to ask of you.( Mechanical Chaser, the works)I feel like it has potential seeing as how the difference between a card being a 1 of and a 2 of in Traditional is huge. (Just look at Destiny Draw recently. Made D-Heros way better as a 3 of.)

    Blackwings, Lumina, Spore, Smoke Signal. Those cards in multiples (Especially Lumina, Signal, and Blackwing) are good crutches for a Traditional style deck using those cards.

    Mind Crush isn't so hot when there are tons of 1 ofs in Traditional. Thanks Mr. Alexander~!