Thursday, May 24, 2012

An Update . . . Finally.

I am afraid I must offer up another apology: previously, I said that I would try my very hardest to maintain updates on the blog whilst also composing essays, but, as readers may have noticed over the last couple of months, this has quite clearly not been possible. Work on a second essay has been compounded with other writing projects (not related to Yu-Gi-Oh!, but still of immense importance), and, with a full-time job and personal care to consider in addition, something - in this case, the blog - has once again had to fall by the wayside.

However, the essay in question has been completed and published (and can be found here:, and I will have time, from now on, to devote to the blog: I still have an enormous list of decks to write about (the common phrase "as long as my arm" springs to mind), and will aim to get the next one up as soon as possible. Also, I am, as I have stated before, very interested in posting tournament results, and so, if any readers have such (even if it is only standings or which decks made the Top Cut, and not actual decklists), it would be much appreciated if they could be sent in; I can be contacted through either my e-mail address or Facebook page, both of which are in the badge at the top of the sidebar.

1 comment:

  1. The way the people treated you on that website it was like a celebrity heh. I enjoy the articles: Some more deck types to go over!

    FTK Exodia(Temple of the Kings Varient)
    Yata-Garasu Lockdown (You prolly know just as much as I do on this one :/)
    Anti-Meta Decks (just for show of course, we make the metagame!!!)

    Cyber Dragon/Cyber End Dragon/Cyber Stein- OTK/FTK! If you can make a good Traditional Machine deck that abuses Stein and Cyber Dragons I will be hooked! Make sure it uses Power Bond, Megamorph! Unless those aren't viable! Then they are trash :)